Its been 6 years since I graduated from Fashion School, six long and interesting years where I’ve learned so many things and met inspiring people. Every moment was so unique, so different from the other, and all those things that I’ve been doing in the past 6 years, none of them made me the Fashion designer I was hoping to be when I graduated. 

I used to love to draw doodles, maybe it was a way to remember those months at art school (yes, I am also an art school drop out),or maybe I just loved to get lost in the repetition of a form, creating composition with no further planning.

Some years after I worked with a talented designer who loved to put stories on their fabrics. Beautiful draped dresses made by raw silk, with windows, flowers, stars and many other things printed on them. From her I learned that the simplicity of a garment gives you an infinite space to create within. 

I step away from dresses and apparel and met beautiful writers, fashion producers and photographers that could make anything look just breathtaking, this girls didn’t have fancy offices, nor beautiful big studios, these girls worked with their bare hands and taught me that beauty is formed further that what you eye easily catch, they also taught me about girl power, and the feeling of freedom by working only for the things you love. 

Then I flew away and suddenly I was living in NY, I left everything behind, even my career, and I started to take care of something I was leaving behind: myself. I started to take my yoga practices more serious than ever. I started to understand the power of breathing and after a couple of months I became a yoga teacher. I didn’t leave my whole career behind, I still doodle around, painting bags and portraits, but everything was more mindful, now everything had a purpose. I became a girl who stands on her head, and tries to live for a 100 years, and want to make this world a better place, who happens to paint and doodle every time she cans.

Now here I am, trying to put everything together. It took me enough time to observe and learn, now its time to show you what happens when you absorb so many experiences and create your own unique life, with no expectations just tons of smiles and good stories.